Alberta: “Duty counsel helps Albertans understand their rights”

Statement by Alberta Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu on Duty Counsel Day

On behalf of the premier and the Government of Alberta, it is my great pleasure to recognize October 27 as national Duty Counsel Day.

This day is a great opportunity for Albertans and all Canadians to celebrate the incredible, important work that legal aid duty counsel do.

Often referred to as frontline workers, duty counsel prepare people for what to expect during their journey through the justice system.

They defend the rights of people who often find themselves in difficult legal situations, including child welfare, domestic violence, immigration, youth and adult criminal defense matters.

Key to any fair, accountable justice system is access to information to those involved in it. And that’s what duty counsel does: provides information, guidance, and advice to those who may otherwise not have it.

All citizens have a Charter right to legal support and ultimately duty counsel helps Albertans understand their rights and navigate the complex legal and justice system.

Alberta is proud to support all of the good work done by legal aid duty counsel today and every day. I do want to thank them on behalf of the provincial government.