If you like justice,
we have a day for you.

Canadians benefit from outstanding social services. We’re all familiar with our public health care, but few know about our legal services.

We made a day to change that.

October 27 is Duty Counsel Day. Initiated by Canada’s legal aid associations, this is a day to create awareness of Duty Counsel—legal aid lawyers who give free, on-the-spot legal advice in family, criminal and immigration cases for people living in Canada.

Join us, and tell your fellow Canadians. The power to navigate the justice system is in your hands.

Whether you are a lawyer, client, colleague, friend, or family, let us know what legal aid duty counsel means to you.

Why is Duty Counsel worth knowing about?

It is important we know our rights, and how to exercise them. When dealing with the police or courts, or even just completing forms, it’s critical to understand what is happening, why it’s happening, and what options are available. It’s so important that it’s in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Who are Duty Counsel and who do they serve?

Duty Counsel are legal professionals with a mission to serve Canadians like you and me. They are dedicated, compassionate, and capable. Provided as a right to all citizens, Duty Counsel are like the legal team you didn’t know you had. They are accessible 24/7– serving people in need, whether they live in cities or rural and remote regions. Meet some here.

What Duty Counsel means to Canadians

Anyone can suddenly find themselves in the justice system. It can seem complex and overwhelming. Confusion can lead to negative outcomes for the people involved and cause disruption and delay within the legal process. This is why Duty Counsel exists. On the spot, at the courthouse or over the phone, they are there for you. Learn more about how you can get help in your province here.

Over 1.2 MILLION* times a year

Duty Counsel Lawyers provide help to Canadians

You can spread the word.

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Duty Counsel Day

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